Cristal Therapeutics announces appointment of Edwin Klumper as Chief Medical Officer

Maastricht, The Netherlands, April 28, 2016 – Cristal Therapeutics, a privately-held life sciences company developing novel nanomedicines against cancer and other diseases, by using its patented CriPec® platform, today announced the appointment of Edwin Klumper as Chief Medical Officer. He will be responsible for the clinical strategy and development of Cristal Therapeutics’ range of nanomedicines.

Edwin obtained an MD, MBA and a PhD degree in Medical Sciences and brings a wealth of knowhow in cancer research in the pharmaceutical industry during a career of over 25 years. As consultant and medical director he supervised over 80 oncology drug development programs and 20 clinical trials. As an employee of midsized and major pharma companies, he gained broad knowledge and expertise in clinical oncology development combining his solid scientific and business background.

Before joining Cristal Therapeutics, Dr. Klumper served as interim-CEO of Dutch SMS-oncology, which he co-founded in 2007. He acted as CMO since the inception of the company until 2013. Prior to SMS-oncology, he served at Nabi Biopharmaceuticals as Vice-President Marketing & Sales Europe, at Amgen as Business Unit Director for The Netherlands, for the UK and as Brand Director Europe, at ASTA Medica as Product Manager, and at start-up Yew Tree Pharmaceuticals as Medical Director. He obtained his PhD as cancer research scientist at VU Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Joost Holthuis, CEO of Cristal Therapeutics, said:

“We are extremely fortunate to have Edwin joining our leadership team. Edwin will no doubt contribute to the already firm nanomedicine programme of CriPec® docetaxel, as well as help us move forward in our efforts to develop novel proprietary nanomedicines.”

Ongoing clinical trial with CriPec® docetaxel
Cristal Therapeutics did start the phase I clinical study in July 2015 with its lead candidate CriPec® docetaxel in patients with solid tumours. For this trial, patients are being recruited in two clinical centres in The Netherlands and in Belgium. The first trial data will be available in the course of Q2 2016.

CriPec® docetaxel successfully passed various pre-clinical studies, demonstrating a significantly improved safety and tolerability profile. Current docetaxel-containing products often have limited efficacy, and prolongation of survival comes with a high incidence of adverse events. This imposes major limitations on the current therapy. CriPec® nanoparticles accumulate more preferentially in tumour tissue followed by sustained release, resulting in a significantly higher CriPec® docetaxel exposure of the tumour, thereby overcoming drawbacks of conventional docetaxel therapies.

Cristal Therapeutics Announces Collaboration With PX Biosolutions to Develop CriVac® Based vaccines

Maastricht, The Netherlands, July 14, 2015 – Cristal Therapeutics, a privately-held life sciences company developing innovative products against cancer and other diseases, by using its patented nanotechnology platforms, today announced the start of a collaboration with PX Biosolutions (Melbourne, Australia). The joint research and development is focussed on the application of Cristal Therapeutics’ vaccine technology CriVac® for the design of innovative vaccines.

The CriVac® platform enables the tailor-made development of well-characterized polymeric nanoparticles of a specific size, that allow optimal antigen presentation to dendritic cells. CriVac® is one of the proprietary nanotechnology platforms of Cristal Therapeutics, next to CriPec®.

PX Biosolutions is an Australian based company operating from Melbourne, Victoria.
PX Biosolutions’ scientists have developed DCtag™ vaccine formulations against various types of cancer. These vaccine formulations have been tested successfully in animal models.

Joost Holthuis, CEO of Cristal Therapeutics says:

“We are very excited about this collaboration that fits our strategy to set up product developments with companies active in the vaccine area. We are convinced that we can create additional value for patients and vaccine companies by development of superior vaccine products based on our CriVac® technology”.

Ann Meulemans, CEO of PX Biosolutions comments:

“Our team is very enthusiastic about the possibility to enhance the flexibility of  its DCtag™ platform by using the CriVac technology“.


Cristal Therapeutics’ proprietary CriPec® nanomedicine platform and promising preclinical data highlighted in three recent publications

Maastricht, The Netherlands, 22 June, 2015 – Cristal Therapeutics, a privately-held biopharmaceutical company developing novel therapeutics against cancer and other diseases by using its proprietary CriPec® platform, today announced the publication of three articles on CriPec®-based nanomedicines in Nano Today, Journal of Controlled Release and Biomaterials. The publications are co-authored by Dr. Cristianne Rijcken, founder and CSO of Cristal Therapeutics, and clearly demonstrate the superior therapeutic performance of CriPec® nanomedicines in preclinical models as well as the position of the CriPec® platform in the overall nanotherapeutics field.

In the first publication by Talleli et al. in Nano Today, Dr. Rijcken provides her vision on the translational development of polymeric nanoparticles. Many different micelles have been developed in recent years, and some of them have steadily progressed into clinical evaluation. Increasing evidence suggests that for efficient drug targeting, the micelles need to be stabilised, to prevent premature disintegration. Particularly upon temporarily covalently entrapment of drugs within these nanoparticles (i.e. the CriPec platform), promising efficacy in various animal models has been demonstrated. Recent advances in this field, including tailorable drug release kinetics at the target site as well as potential applications and the clinical development path are described.

The second publication of Hu et al. on CriPec® docetaxel (the lead candidate of Cristal Therapeutics in Biomaterials) describes the complete regression of breast tumour with a single dose of docetaxel-entrapped core-cross-linked polymeric micelles.
CriPec® docetaxel is a nanoparticle with covalently entrapped docetaxel, designed to have a long blood circulation profile and significantly enhanced tumour accumulation, followed by locally more extended exposure as a result of sustained release of docetaxel over time. In tumour bearing mice, CriPec docetaxel accumulated at least 20 times more in tumour tissue compared to an equivalent dose of the commercially available docetaxel (Taxotere). A superior survival benefit was demonstrated in tumour xenografts and even complete regression has been achieved upon a single administration of CriPec® docetaxel. These remarkable antitumour effects are attributed to the enhanced tumour accumulation and anti-stromal activity. In addition, the preclinical data showed that CriPec® docetaxel exhibited superior tolerability as compared to Taxotere.

In the third publication of Hu et al. in the Journal of Controlled Release article, Dr. Rijcken and colleagues demonstrated the applicability of the CriPec® platform for peptides and the ability to achieve therapeutically relevant blood levels for more than one week upon only a single intravenous injection to rats. Meanwhile, CriPec has also been successfully combined with larger peptides (>30 amino acids).
The transiently stable entrapment of peptides in CriPec® nanoparticles prevents burst release and undesired peak levels, protects peptides against degradation, and enables sustained systemic levels. In addition, since the pharmacokinetic profile of a CriPec nanoparticle is not dependent on the entrapped compound, these CriPec peptide products are also expected to display superior tumour tissue targeting.

“These findings clearly demonstrate the added value of the CriPec® platform, being the improved therapeutic index in oncology for various drug molecules. Relative to the worldwide developments in nanomedicine, the CriPec® platform is really state-of-the-art and capable of translating the biological requirements into a fully tuneable nanomedicine with superior therapeutic outcome.” said Prof. Dr. Twan Lammers, head of the Department of Nanomedicine and Theranostics at RWTH Aachen University Clinic (Germany).

Cristal Therapeutics announces formation of Scientific Advisory Board

Maastricht, The Netherlands, 22 May, 2014 – Cristal Therapeutics, today announced the appointments of Prof. Dr. Rob Liskamp, Prof. Dr. Twan Lammers, Prof. Dr. Alberto Gabizon, Dr. Maninder Hora and Dr. William Zamboni to its new Scientific Advisory Board. Cristal Therapeutics is a privately-held biopharmaceutical company developing novel therapeutics against cancer and other diseases, such as chronic inflammatory disorders, by using its patented CriPec® platform.

Prof. Dr. Rob Liskamp is professor and chair of Chemical Biology and Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Glasgow (Scotland), while maintaining a part-time appointment at Utrecht University as professor of Molecular Medicinal Chemistry. His research interests include synthesis of biologically active peptides and peptide mimics as well as development of protein mimics toward construction of synthetic vaccines and synthetic antibodies.

Prof. Dr. Twan Lammers is professor and head of the department of Nanomedicine and Theranostics at the Institute for Experimental Molecular Imaging at RWTH Aachen University (Germany) and at the Helmholtz Institute for Biomedical Engineering. Since 2012, he has also been appointed at the Department of Targeted Therapeutics at the University of Twente. His primary research interests are drug targeting to tumours, innovative image-guided drug monitoring and tumour-targeted combination therapies. Secondary areas of interest include drug targeting to inflammatory lesions and to the brain, and anatomical, functional and molecular imaging of tumour angiogenesis and metastasis.

Prof. Dr. Alberto Gabizon,  is Professor of Oncology (Shaare Zedek Medical Center, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), President and founder of LipoMedix Pharmaceuticals and a renowned scientist and clinician in the field of nanomedicine and cancer therapy. His clinical and research contributions in the field of liposomes and targeting therapy of cancers have been recognized by various awards. As co-inventor and co-developer of Doxil®, a smart chemotherapy “drug carrier” with tumor-targeting properties and important safety advantages, Prof. Gabizon is one of the few scientists intimately familiar with the successful development and the clinical implementation of nanomedicinal drugs.

Dr. Maninder Hora, is Senior Vice President, Pharmaceutical Development & Manufacturing Operations of Nektar Therapeutics, headquartered in San Francisco, California,  and Board Member of Nektar India, located in Hyderabad. He is proficient in biologics, small molecules, drug delivery systems and drug-device combination products. He is a key player in the successful registration of 10 drugs and vaccines with the FDA or EMA, and in filing of applications for over 50 unique clinical programs. He has 25+ years of experience in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry in positions of leadership in research, technical development and corporate governance.

Dr. William Zamboni is associate professor at the Eshelman School of Pharmacy and Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. He is also the Director of the Translational Oncology and Nanoparticle Drug Development Initiative Lab. His research interests focus on the application of pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic, and pharmacogenetic principles in the optimisation of the nanoparticulate chemotherapeutic treatment of cancer, including translational development and patient stratification scenarios.

“We welcome the unparalleled clinical and research experience that professors Liskamp, Lammers, Gabizon, Hora and Zamboni bring to the Cristal Therapeutics’ Scientific Advisory Board. Together they represent a major information resource for Cristal Therapeutics, that will play an important role in both our development programs and our plans related to product commercialization as well as licensing and partnership opportunities,” said Cristianne Rijcken, CSO of Cristal Therapeutics.

Recent financing round

In December 2014, Cristal Therapeutics completed a financing round of over €6 million which includes investments from new and existing investors and a national innovation fund. Venture capital investor Chemelot Ventures joins as a new shareholder and existing investors Thuja Capital, BioGeneration Ventures, Nedermaas, Utrecht University Holding and Beheer Innovatiefonds Provincie Limburg also contributed. The financing is used to launch the first clinical study of Cristal Therapeutics’ most advanced therapy, CriPec docetaxel, to be initiated in Q2 2015. If successful, this will enable chemotherapy to proceed more selectively and effectively, with fewer side effects.

Cristal Therapeutics announces appointment of Jeroen Tonnaer as Chief Business Officer

Maastricht, The Netherlands, 21 April, 2015 – Cristal Therapeutics, a privately-held life sciences company developing novel nanotherapeutics against cancer and other diseases, by using its patented CriPec® platform announced today the appointment of Jeroen Tonnaer as new Chief Business Officer responsible for Cristal Therapeutics’ business development, partnering and licensing activities.

Jeroen obtained an MSc in biology, a PhD in pharmacology and is a Certified Licensing Professional (CLP™). As an employee of major pharma companies, he built a broad knowledge and expertise in drug discovery & development and research strategy. He has extensive international and cross-cultural partnering & licensing expertise.

As a neuroscientist Jeroen joined Organon in 1982. He held further positions as Head DMPK, Executive Director Toxicology, and Executive Director Global Research Alliances. Subsequently he was Head Discovery Collaborations Europe for Schering-Plough. Following Schering-Plough’s acquisition by Merck & Co. (called MSD outside the US and Canada), Jeroen joined Merck’s Worldwide Licensing organization in February 2010 to become head of the European External Scientific Affairs team. Since then this team has been the driver in the identification and execution of several multimillion-$$ licensing and partnering deals.

“I am delighted to welcome Jeroen to Cristal Therapeutics and look forward to working with him,” remarked CEO Joost Holthuis. “Jeroen will strengthen our key existing business relationships and focus on finding, executing and fostering new partnering opportunities for Cristal Therapeutics.”

Recent financing round

In December 2014, Cristal Therapeutics completed a financing round of over €6 million which includes investments from new and existing investors and a national innovation fund. Venture capital investor Chemelot Ventures joins as a new shareholder and existing investors Thuja Capital, BioGeneration Ventures, Nedermaas, Utrecht University Holding and Beheer Innovatiefonds Provincie Limburg also contributed. The financing is used to launch the first clinical study of Cristal Therapeutics’ most advanced therapy, CriPec docetaxel, to be initiated in Q2 2015. If successful, this will enable chemotherapy to proceed more selectively and effectively, with fewer side effects.

€6 million in new capital and new CEO

Maastricht, The Netherlands, December 15, 2014 – Biopharmaceutical company Cristal Therapeutics has completed a new financing round of over €6 million which includes investments from new and existing investors and a national innovation fund. Venture capital investor Chemelot Ventures joins as a new shareholder and existing investors Thuja Capital, BioGeneration Ventures, Nedermaas, Utrecht University Holding and Beheer Innovatiefonds Provincie Limburg also contributed. The financing will be used to launch the first clinical study of Cristal Therapeutics’ most advanced therapy, CriPec® docetaxel. Joost Holthuis, co-founder of Cristal Therapeutics and former CEO of OctoPlus, has also been appointed CEO with effect from 1 December.

Cristal Therapeutics develops new therapies against cancer and other diseases, such as chronic inflammatory disorders, by using its patented CriPec technology to entrap existing and new drugs in polymer nanoparticles of 0.0001 mm diameter. These nanoparticles provide better distribution throughout the body and a more selective release of the drugs, such as anti-cancer drugs in the case of tumours. Therefore, products based on CriPec may provide improved efficacy and fewer side effects, offering improved treatment of various diseases.

First clinical study to start in early 2015

In a range of studies performed since 2011, Cristal Therapeutics has demonstrated the safety and efficacy of various CriPec nanomedicines in preclinical studies. In the next few years, the first product, CriPec docetaxel for the treatment of cancer, will be developed further and tested on humans. If successful, this will enable chemotherapy to proceed more selectively and efficiently, with fewer undesirable side effects. Early in 2015, the first clinical study to evaluate CriPec docetaxel will commence.

Dr Joost Holthuis, the new CEO of Cristal Therapeutics, comments on this financing round:
‘Chemelot Ventures joining our group of pre-eminent investors represents a growing commitment to nanomedicine. The continuing commitment and support of our existing investors is extremely important to our business. That commitment reflects the potential of the drug candidates developed by Cristal Therapeutics on the basis of the CriPec technology.’

Marcel Kloosterman, investment manager of Chemelot Ventures:
‘We are impressed by the focus, knowledge and commitment of the Cristal Therapeutics management team. We are pleased to support the company in its efforts to develop a unique new treatment for patients with solid tumours. Cristal Therapeutics’ technology is enabling a more effective use of existing medicines with fewer side effects for the patient and also demonstrates its social relevance. Additionally, Cristal Therapeutics is contributing to a 2 substantial increase in high-grade biopharmaceutical knowledge in our Limburg region in the Netherlands. We look forward to the start of the first clinical study with great confidence.’

Dr Joost Holthuis appointed as CEO

Co-founder Dr Joost Holthuis has succeeded its founder Dr Cristianne Rijcken as CEO of the company, effective since December 1, 2014. Dr Holthuis has an extensive career in the biotech field and founded OctoPlus, which was listed on the Amsterdam stock exchange, and CEO of between 1995 and 2008. In addition to serving on supervisory boards of various highly promising biotech start-ups, Dr Holthuis is also a venture partner at biotech venture capital investor BioGeneration in Naarden.

Dr Rijcken, CEO since its incorporation in 2011, will become Chief Scientific Officer (CSO). Dr Rijcken, together with Joost Holthuis, launched Cristal Therapeutics as a spin-off of the Department of Pharmaceutics of Utrecht University.

Joost Holthuis says:
‘I want to thank Cristianne in particular for her ceaseless commitment to Cristal Therapeutics since our joint start. Her exceptional knowledge and passion for the development of new pharmaceutical therapies will be brought even more to the fore following her appointment as Chief Scientific Officer. I am looking forward to our renewed collaboration in this important period of transformation for Cristal Therapeutics.’

Cristal Therapeutics raises additional funding for its lead product CriPec® docetaxel

Maastricht, The Netherlands, July 1 2013 – Cristal Therapeutics, the new trade name of the Dutch nanomedicine company Cristal Delivery B.V., announces the successful expansion of the financing round initiated by Thuja Capital and BioGeneration Ventures, by adding two additional investors, being Nedermaas Ventures and Innovatie Fonds Limburg. The proceeds of this round will allow Cristal Therapeutics to progress CriPec® docetaxel as first product into clinical development. Besides, the headquarter of Cristal Therapeutics will relocate from Utrecht to Maastricht.

Cristal Therapeutics develops innovative drug products for the treatment of various diseases including cancer by combining its CriPec® nanotechnology with novel agents and with existing drugs. The lead product CriPec® docetaxel is currently in development for the treatment of solid tumours. The first clinical study with CriPec® docetaxel will start in 2014.

Cristianne Rijcken: “It is a major step to have two new investors on board. I consider it as a next validation step for the potential of Cristal Therapeutics and its CriPec®-based products. I look forward to continue our efforts to bring CriPec® docetaxel into clinical development and to start evaluation of its preliminary efficacy, safety and tolerability in patients.

Jeffrey Lutje Spelberg, investment manager of Nedermaas Ventures: “The relocation of Cristal Therapeutics to Maastricht illustrates that the Euregio presents various attractive elements for life sciences companies, and we look forward to additional interaction between parties at the Maastricht Health Campus, the Chemelot Campus and other key players in the Euregio.

About Cristal Therapeutics and CriPec® docetaxel
Cristal Therapeutics is headquartered in Maastricht, the Netherlands, and focuses on the development of drug products with an improved therapeutic performance. The pipeline comprises products based on development stage or marketed drugs, in combination with the proprietary CriPec® platform, for the treatment of various diseases, including cancer and chronic inflammation. CriPec® transforms drug molecules via a sophisticated self-assembly process into polymeric nanoparticles, which have an improved disposition in the body. The significant improvement of efficacy and safety of drug molecules upon entrapment in CriPec® nanoparticles has been demonstrated in various in-vivo studies. Cristal Therapeutics has shown the advantages of CriPec® for diverse molecules including peptide drugs, and for applications like active targeting. Data collected to date have compiled the innovative product portfolio of Cristal Therapeutics as it stands today.

About Nedermaas Ventures
Nedermaas Ventures is a regional venture capital fund and a subsidiary entity of the Limburg Development and Investment Company LIOF. The fund focuses on seed investment opportunities across a broad spectrum of technology fields such as life sciences, biotechology, medical devices, agro/food and chemistry.

About Innovatie Fonds Limburg
The Innovation Fund Limburg aims to boost local SMEs by realising actual innovations or by supporting innovative enterprises in Limburg. The Province of Limburg intends to strengthen the SME potential and portfolio, to stimulate growth and simultaneously to create new employment opportunities.

Cristianne Rijcken, PharmD PhD
Chief Executive Officer, Cristal Therapeutics
+31 62 455 9175

Nedermaas Ventures en Innovatiefonds investeren in Cristal Delivery

Het aan LIOF gelieerde Nedermaas Ventures en het Innovatiefonds van de Provincie Limburg hebben een aandeel genomen in de farmaceutische onderneming Cristal Delivery BV. Dit jonge bedrijf ontwikkelt verbeterde producten van diverse geneesmiddelen en zal als onderdeel van deze financiering vanuit Utrecht verhuizen naar het Biopartner gebouw op de Maastricht Health Campus. Tevens zal het bedrijf vanaf nu onder de naam Cristal Therapeutics gaan opereren.

Cristal Therapeutics heeft een methode ontwikkeld om geneesmiddelen in te sluiten in nanobolletjes (0.0001 mm doorsnede), met behulp van de zogenaamde CriPec® technologie. Deze bolletjes zorgen voor een verbeterde verdeling over het lichaam en een selectievere vrijgave van de geneesmiddelen op de gewenste plek, zoals in tumoren. Op CriPec®-gebaseerde producten hebben hierdoor in potentie een verbeterde effectiviteit en minder bijwerkingen, en bieden daarmee een betere behandeling van de ziekte van de patiënt.

In uiteenlopende studies heeft Cristal Therapeutics de werkzaamheid en veiligheid van diverse CriPec®-nanomedicijnen gedemonstreerd. De komende jaren zal in Maastricht het eerste product, zijnde CriPec® docetaxel voor de behandeling van kanker, worden uitontwikkeld. Chemotherapie zal hierdoor gerichter en efficiënter kunnen verlopen en zal minder ongewenste bijwerkingen hebben.

Cristal Therapeutics is opgericht in 2011, als spin-off van de afdeling biofarmacie van de Universiteit Utrecht, door Dr. Cristianne Rijcken en Dr. Joost Holthuis. In 2012 heeft een eerste financieringsronde plaatsgevonden, waarbij de Limburgse investeerders nu aansluiten.

Cristianne Rijcken van Cristal Therapeutics zegt dat de keuze voor de verhuizing naar Limburg met name is ingegeven door de nabijheid van zowel de Chemelot Campus én de Maastricht Health Campus. “Voor de verdere ontwikkeling van de chemie en nanotechnologie is veel materiaalkennis aanwezig op de Chemelot Campus en voor de ontwikkeling van farmaceutische producten, met name gericht op de werkzaamheid en veiligheid in de patiënt, is de nabijheid van de Maastricht Health Campus cruciaal”, aldus Rijcken. In de komende maanden zal het operationele team van Cristal Therapeutics in Maastricht significant worden uitgebreid.

Algemeen directeur Jérôme Verhagen van LIOF zegt dat de vestiging van Cristal Therapeutics past in de strategie van LIOF om pro-actief bij te dragen aan de ontwikkeling van de campussen in Limburg. “Het is uitstekend nieuws dat LIOF dit soort bedrijven naar de regio weet te halen. Dit is een voorbeeld van een bedrijfsvestiging waarbij de toegevoegde waarde van in dit geval de Chemelot Campus en Maastricht Health Campus evident zijn. Ook in de toekomst zal LIOF zich volop inspannen dergelijke zogeheten cross overs te realiseren”.

Joyce Nelissen, interim directeur Innovatiefonds Limburg: “Ik ben erg verheugd over de komst van dit bedrijf naar Limburg. Het maakt wederom duidelijk hoe aantrekkelijk de Limburgse campussen zijn voor innovatieve bedrijven. Ze willen profiteren van de kennis die hier constant wordt gegenereerd. Limburg krijgt hierdoor echt smoel als innovatieregio.”

Maastricht, 29 mei 2013

Noot voor de redactie (niet voor publicatie):
Nedermaas Ventures,, Jeffrey Lutje Spelberg, 043-3280280
Innovatiefonds Provincie Limburg,, Roy Hamans, 043-3898893
Cristal Therapeutics,, Cristianne Rijcken, 06-24559175

Cristal Delivery wint Utrechtse Ster 2012

Cristal Delivery uit Utrecht is de winnaar geworden van de Utrechtse Ster. Dit is vandaag bekend gemaakt tijdens Innovation Day. Met deze prijs wil de Stichting Vrienden van Sonnenborgh de aandacht vestigen op projecten waarbij wetenschappelijke kennis in de regio Utrecht de basis vormt voor succesvolle bedrijvigheid.
Cristal Delivery is een jong farmaceutisch bedrijf dat geneesmiddelen ontwikkelt voor een betere ziektebehandeling. De innovatieve nanotechnologie (CriPec®) wordt daarvoor gecombineerd met bestaande en nieuwe geneesmiddelen. De medicatie verloopt daardoor gerichter, veiliger en efficiënter.
De nano medicijnen hebben een verbeterde verdeling over het lichaam tot gevolg. Daardoor zijn ze werkzamer, veiliger en ook makkelijker te gebruiken. Het business model is gebaseerd op de ontwikkeling van eigen producten én op samenwerkingsverbanden met farmaceutische bedrijven. In beide gevallen leidt dat tot producten voor uiteenlopende ziektebeelden.

Cristal Delivery is een spin-off van de afdeling Biofarma & Farmaceutische Technologie van de Universiteit Utrecht. Het bedrijf is gehuisvest bij Utrecht Inc. In het Science Park Utrecht.

Volgens de jury levert Cristal Delivery een bijzondere bijdrage aan het samenbrengen van wetenschap en bedrijfsleven. Het is een inspirerend voorbeeld voor studenten, wetenschappers en ondernemers benadrukt het creatieve en innovatieve karakter van de regio Utrecht.

De Utrechtse Ster wordt eens in de twee jaar uitgereikt. De winnaar ontvangt de prent ‘Utrechtse Ster’, een geldbedrag van 2.500 euro en gebruik van Bastion Sonnenborgh voor een bedrijfsbijeenkomst. Naast Cristal Delivery waren Innofuse en Playing with Pigs genomineerd, ook afkomstig uit Utrecht.

De stichting Vrienden van Sonnenborgh organiseert de Utrechtse Ster samen met Sonnenborgh museum – sterrenwacht en de Taskforce Innovatie Regio Utrecht en met medewerking van de Kamer van Koophandel Midden-Nederland en de Universiteit Utrecht. De Utrechtse Ster wordt financieel ondersteund door de Rabobank Utrecht.

Meer over de Utrechtse Ster op