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Better medicines

The CriPec® platform allows Cristal Therapeutics to develop medicines with increased efficacy and safety. Cristal Therapeutics’ products in development are primarily aimed at treating patients suffering from cancer and chronic inflammatory diseases (e.g. rheumatoid arthritis). CriPec docetaxel is the most advanced product candidate, and is under evaluation for the treatment of solid tumours

Background and history

The proprietary and innovative nanotechnology platform (CriPec) has been developed at the Department of Pharmaceutics at Utrecht University (The Netherlands).
Cristal Therapeutics was founded by Dr. Cristianne Rijcken and Dr. Joost Holthuis in April 2011, and has been based in Maastricht (The Netherlands) since 2014.


Recent developments in the field of nanotechnology have produced a completely new platform with the potential for novel therapeutic applications. Nanotechnology has enabled the development of nanoparticles that are capable of delivering drugs more selectively to diseased tissues or cells, whilst evading healthy tissues.
Cristal Therapeutics is specialized in the development of nanomedicines for the treatment of various diseases. Based on proprietary biodegradable polymers, Cristal Therapeutics’ nanoparticles are generated in various sizes, ranging from 30-100 nm.

CriPec nanomedicines

Because of their extremely small size, nanoparticles have special characteristics. CriPec nanoparticles deliver up to 40 times more drug to the tumour tissue compared with conventional administration. This targeting of diseased tissue makes the drug more efficacious whilst producing less side-effects. Moreover, the administration frequency can be reduced.
Cristal Therapeutics has generated extensive proof of the added value of the CriPec platform for different classes of drugs (e.g. cancer therapeutics, inhibitors of inflammation, and hormones).

Research in patients

In Q2 2015, Cristal Therapeutics will begin a first clinical trial (so-called phase-I clinical trial) with CriPec docetaxel in patients. First results of this trial, which will run in Belgium and The Netherlands, are expected in 2016. The trial aims to confirm the safety profile of the experimental drug in humans. After successful completion of the phase I clinical trial, follow-up research will proceed to investigate the therapeutic efficacy of CriPec docetaxel in patients.

For more information please refer to Dr. J.J.M. Holthuis, CEO.