Cristal Therapeutics is developing products based on its CriPec® and CriPec® ATN platform. The company is interested in discussing product co-development and technology licenses. Although Cristal Therapeutics focuses on development of products in oncology, we are interested in potential partners that would like to evaluate our technology with us in other disease areas.

Using this technology, nanomedicines can be produced that are fully customizable with respect to linkers, chemistry, polymers and manufacturing. The technology offers the possibility to solve problems related to solubility, pharmacokinetics, and distribution of the (targeted) nanomedicines. The broad applicability and the robustness of the manufacturing allows for fast turnaround times. In case of a new drug molecule, within three to four months a CriPec-based drug candidate can be generated that is ready for testing in preclinical studies. Please contact us at for more information about our customized feasibility studies, development projects, or co-development of one of Cristal Therapeutics’ products.

Present Collaborations

The company is performing multiple feasibility studies for the development of nanomedicines in different disease areas, including targeted products.