CriPec dexamethasone

Treatment of arthritis

The treatment of arthritis by corticosteroids is often hampered by a low efficacy, limited duration and multiple off-target toxicities. The value of CriPec® dexamethasone lies in the extensive and sustained suppression of inflammation without corticosteroid-related adverse effects. This effect does not seem to be specific for CriPec dexamethasone, but is expected to hold true for all corticosteroids.

CriPec dexamethasone demonstrated a superior efficacy in arthritis models in both mice and rats, as a result of the enhanced accumulation at the site of inflammation combined with well-controlled drug release, as compared to conventional dexamethasone treatment.


treatment of arthritis with CriPec dexamethasone

Data show superior efficacy combined with excellent tolerability results. This was confirmed by uCT images, bone mineral density measurements and histology.