Cristal Therapeutics is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company developing targeted nanomedicines with superior therapeutic profiles for the treatment of cancer and other diseases with high unmet patient need and considerable commercial potential.

Oncology pipeline

Our in house programs are in oncology, and we are advancing our lead candidate, CPC634, through a Phase 2 clinical trials in patients with ovarian cancer. We are also progressing CPC879, an innovative oligonucleotide based therapeutic into preclinical studies.

CriPec®-based therapeutics

CriPec®-based therapeutics are new drug modality that is designed and engineered to either passively or specifically target defined cells or tissue in the body. They concentrate a drug payload and extend local exposure at the disease site while minimizing adverse effects on healthy tissues.

CriPec® technology platform

Our proprietary polymeric technology platform, CriPec®, enables the rational design and straightforward manufacturing of custom-made nanomedicines. It can be applied to innovative development candidates and in-market drugs to create novel nanomedicines.

clicr copper free click chemistry SPAAC reagent

CliCr® copper free click chemistry reagent

With CliCr® as one of our proprietary platforms, we offer a powerful copper free click chemistry reagent for the life science industry. The platform is based on TMTHSI.

Partnering Cristal Therapeutics

We have established several industry partnerships to co-create CriPec®-based therapeutics and assess their applicability in a number of therapeutic areas, including oncology and inflammation.

We are actively seeking partnerships for our proprietary inflammation programs.

Leadership team

We have an experienced management team of entrepreneurial life science executives who bring a powerful combination of leadership, scientific, technical, and clinical expertise.

Watch Informa interview with our CEO/CMO, Dr Axel Mescheder at BIOEurope 2018