Cristal Therapeutics is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company developing the next generation of nanomedicines based on its proprietary CriPec® platform to treat various diseases, including cancer.  CriPec is perfectly suited for the development of highly customizable (targeted) nanomedicines with superior efficacy and safety profiles. The most advanced product in development is CriPec docetaxel for the treatment of solid tumours.


Cristal Therapeutics has developed a pioneering approach to transform drugs into nanoparticles via its Cristal Therapeutics Polymeric Technologies, registered as CriPec. Read more.


Cristal Therapeutics develops a portfolio of best-in-class nanomedicines for various therapeutic areas. Currently, the company has four proprietary programs in various stages of (pre-) clinical development. The company has two collaborative products under development. Read more.


CriPec nanomedicines are highly tuneable, and this allows the fast-forward development of innovative (targeted) nanomedicines with superior performance and for a range of indications. Read more.